Friday, March 1, 2013


It’s been almost two weeks since our fantastic BBQ that was enjoyed by many including ourselves. The event does deserve and will receive a blog post or two of its own, but today it’s time for some BREAKING NEWS that I will talk about here, but there is a tiny bit of an intro first:

As you, readers of this blog, know, Grant is all about helping others. His ways of helping have always been very immediate, either one-on-one or on a larger scale. One-on-one, Grant is the inventor of the “Pie n Coke”: buying a homeless person a meal and talk with them to see if he or she wants to get on his/her feet, and to check out how he can help them best if they do. Other kinds of individual help he gives are, for example, finding accommodation for people, or organizing food vouchers or job-interview clothes for people. On a bigger scale Grant helps through the BBQs for the homeless and others in need. He organized several of these by himself, and since last year I have been absolutely humbled by having been invited by him to help him organize them and to write this blog with him. While Grant and I will continue to help in this way, he has found a way also to help people beyond the Brisbane area. Drumroll……………………………….

Grant always has many brilliant ideas going through his head, he wakes up with ideas, has ideas in his sleep, and as a Dad of a little girl who is growing up fast, he came up with the plan of producing a series of educational DVDs on topics that every growing-up young person will encounter on their way to adulthood. These topics would be presented by experts in the field in a format that is age-appropriate, comfortable and empowering.

So that was a plan that Grant had, producing educational DVDs. And when Grant has a plan, it doesn’t remain just a plan. He finds ways to have it materialize, he works hard at it, and he does carry it out.

Now, HERE IS THE BREAKING NEWS: another drumroll………………………………………..

I have the absolute, huge honour of introducing to you Grant’s first educational DVD: “YOUNG LADY STARTER KIT”. This DVD addresses a girl’s first period: Changes to the Body, What is a Period, Health and Hygiene, Products and How to Dispose of Them, Questions and Answers. A great, informative and succinct DVD to watch for girls by themselves or with their parents or other trusted adults. This DVD, where the topic is presented by Doctor Heather and Nurse Netti, will invite openness, normalize menstruation, and make communication around the topic a lot more comfortable. It is aimed at taking away emotional unease through information, at giving young girls an understanding of what they are or will be going through, and at preparing them by providing them with more insight to go through their physical changes more confidently and comfortably. For a sneak preview of the DVD, follow this link

The release of the DVD a little earlier this week went together with the release of a beautiful website that went live at the same time, and that has been very amazingly generated by Jared Smith (a BIG thank you to you, Jared!). Lacking skills in the technology department, I of course find the generation of most things online amazing, but this website really is beautiful. I am not exaggerating J The DVD “Young Lady Starter Kit” can be ordered in hard copy or downloaded through this website. To check it out and explore the website, please follow this link . This website will develop, grow and transform along with the DVD series.

And generating the website is not all Jared has done. He has set up a Facebook page too, to go with the DVD series and the website, also called “Young Lady Starter Kit”. To explore and Like please follow the link . Like the website, this Facebook page will develop, grow and transform with the DVD series.

One of the things Grant says is “If it’s not helping people, I’m not doing it”. Having been able to help people only in the Brisbane area so far, with this DVD series Grant adds another, new, way of helping in different ways, reaching out to places beyond Brisbane as well. He has been working on this DVD idea for a long time, and I have to say it has been very exciting to see this project come to fruition step by step. It is fantastic to see the first product of his hard work being released. Do check it out, people, and know that more educational DVDs are in the pipeline!

Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful day!

Written by Bernie the Polite Girl from The Polite Team

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