Monday, September 19, 2016

Comming together as a community Goodna

WOW what a day yesterday was, but first a quick recap.
Over 1,000 of JBS beef workers have had huge hours cut coming down to 2 days a week and some weeks no work at all and all this has been happening since January this year. A lot of these workers have been there for 10+ years.
This means a lot of these families are now having trouble making “ends meat” so to speak.
Buying food for their families or paying rent?

Doing a joint effort with Helen from “Goodna Street Life” and “Signal Flare” we collected huge amounts of food and toiletries with a huge amount coming from “Share the Dignity”
We all did a call out and asking the community to come together and help people in need when they needed it most. Helpers, food and toiletries came from everywhere.

Pallets of food, Boxes of everything and people brought car loads of stuff they had collected from friends and families all came together to help. It really was an amazing sight-seeing so many people wanting to help.

About 600 worker families that had been doing it so tough and hitting hardship came and collected only what they needed so others could collect too. There were “Thank you’s” everywhere. A lot of the people helping even had to step away once or twice because it was so heartfelt to see such need.

I’m sorry to say that even though we had collected so much we still didn’t have enough food or toiletries. I felt so bad that here we were saying to these people we know your in a bad way and to come down and we will help you then when they turn up there’s nothing there for them. I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and started writing down names and phone numbers saying I’ll quickly do a call out and get food and toiletries to them within the next few days.

So over the next 2-3 days I’m collecting as much food and things as I can to quickly get them out there to the families that didn’t get anything.

Also because of such hardship we are doing the event again but this time in a much bigger way with a lot more food and toiletries. On the 1st of OCT at “Goodna Street Life” 2 Mill St, Goodna from 10am.

So once again I am asking please help us to help others, we need any types of FOOD and TOILETRIES so we can give for free to these people doing it so tough. If many people donate a few things then it adds up to be truck loads.

Thank you.



Now this next bit I’m very very excited about. WOOHOO

Everyone knows I make such little money as a Big Issue vendor but I try to help as many people as I can.

I have started a new referring business that is going to be awesome, here’s how it works.

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I could use this money to help so many more people in a huge way and people get the same deal they were on. It don’t matter which company you’re on, please compare if you get same or better deal and switch using my site.

I love this, it’ll earn money and free my time to help more people click here 

The best news is that it’s not Australia, this site works in lots of countries around the world. Just click your country flag and it’ll bring up your local services. If anyone wants help setting up their own site let me know and I’ll be happy to help you set it up for you.

Have you clicked to site yet? Just check it out and see how easy it is.

I’d like to ask everyone though when you choose a service or package could you please email me your name and what service you did so I can track and make sure it went under my link right. Accidents happens.

Grant the Polite Guy
Grant Richards

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